Who is Minerva?

The Roman goddess Minerva is revered as  the Goddess of Wisdom; a symbol for law and justice. Minerva applies knowledge and wisdom  to pursue any goal.

Minerva's spear also symbolises MPS Director, Pam Simmons' achievements in javelin (and hockey).

Specialising in people management solutions

Minerva Professional Services is a management consultancy specialising in providing professional people management solutions for large corporations and smaller workforces.

Principal  |  Pam Simmons  FAHRI

Pam is a respected enabler with a solid record of increasing the capability and productivity of an organisation's workforce by identifying suitably tailored people management solutions.

With 30 years as an HR practitioner, Pam understands how to engage and harness individual strengths to achieve a common vision, effectively and efficiently.

Pam's substantial career achievements have benefited many high profile companies across private, public and not for profit sectors including

AMEC Engineering Australian Submarine Corporation
ETSA Faulding Pharmaceuticals
Gumala Enterprises Pty Ltd Mobil Oil Australia Ltd
Saab Systems Sport SA
Tauondi Aboriginal College University of Adelaide
University of South Australia      

With experience at senior management level within large corporations, Pam understands the need to provide realistic, practical solutions that reach across the entire business. In particular, Pam enjoys the process of learning about the business so she can help develop a culture for the workforce that reflects the business values and vision.

Pam has an extensive professional network, was awarded Fellow of the Australian Human Resources Institute of Australia for her contributions to the profession, and is abreast of current legislation and people management trends.

Professional qualifications and memberships include

BA (Adelaide)
Fellow Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI)
Certificate IV in TAE
Member of the Active Ageing Australia Inc Board
People Management Solutions trades under Minerva Professional Services Pty Ltd.  MPS also manages and consults with other business entities in art, craft, music and landscape design.